Working Agreements

A team’s working agreement is a set of rules/behaviours set by the team itself to govern how the team will function.

It’s important for the team itself to come up with the list of rules (As ever the Scrum Master 
should be there to facilitate the meeting) the team is also responsible for enforcing the rules!

Some of the Items to include are…..

  • Definition of Done
  • Definition of Ready
  • Conduct in meetings

I usually find that the retrospective is a good time to both define this artefact and to refine as required.

Some of the rules previous teams have come up include…..

  • Already be on time for meetings (And the stand-up)
  • Always listen to others and don’t speak over people
  • No mobile phones in meetings
  • Don’t commit to unknown stories
  • Don’t estimate on work with no acceptance criteria
  • Stories over 8SP need breaking down smaller
  • Physical and electronic board kept up-to date

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