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Death by Power Point!

Hello loyal readers - I'm not going to apologise again for the time between posts.... it's my blog and if I want to be lazy I will be! It has been another busy few weeks (Ok that's an excuse)  but please keep reading and I promise the quality will improve soon!

Anyway - I've just completed a two day training course ran by profesional presentation specialists You Never Can Tell

The course covered many aspects of presentational and communication techniques and I'd highly recommend it to anyone! I honestly feel this is a skill sadly lacking in many parts of society today and especially if I dare say.... without upsetting too many of my colleagues.... the IT community.

I've been meaning to enrol upon such a course for a very long time to brush up on my technique and explore some new ideas especially as although perhaps not popular to say... I have a real hatred of Power Point!!

<rant>This revelation  might shock some of you (especially with myself being a mem…