Why do agile IT 'projects' fail?


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Clean language for Agile Coaches!

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The 5 Core Values of Scrum


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Operation DevOps - A secret undercover mission? or a way to optimise delivery?

Hi Guys,

Yes - still defiantly sticking with the 'Hi guys' introduction! Recently I've been attempting to write a number of small articles to demystify some of the populate buzz words used in IT Today. A sort of quick guide to surviving in IT.

I've recently applied to get involved with the LinkedIn self publishing platform and over time hope to make a number of these articles available via LinkedIn... but until then feel free to connect with me on inkedIn

Back to the point! In my opinion DevOps sounds like some secret undercover military operations unit! In reality the truth as ever is much more boring.If your already familiar with an agile methodology you may be aware of DevOps or perhaps some of the questions that start to arise as you progress through your Agile adventure....

With more and more developers doing 'Agile' in some form or other,  some of them began to ponder what do customers really want? business functionality …

Is SAFe the next big thing?

If your into agile project management you've probably heard of SAFe - The Scaled Agile Framework.

I'm hearing about more and more companies that are applying the principles so thought it probably about time that I wrote a  brief dummies guide to it :-)

The dictionary definition reads... The Scaled Agile Framework SAFe™ is an interactive knowledge base system for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. Does that clear it up?

One of the problems I've often seen is how do you scale up agile? Scrum and Kanban works great in teams of up to about 8 people (give or take) or the two pizza rule... If you can't feel the team with 2 pizza's it's too big.... Or you have a greedy team.

However many large organisations may have teams of 50+ developers working on products and this is where the SAFe framework really comes in.

Put simply SAFe is a framework template designed to allow for agile practices to be scaled and importantly it's a framework that covers th…

Death by Power Point!

Hello loyal readers - I'm not going to apologise again for the time between posts.... it's my blog and if I want to be lazy I will be! It has been another busy few weeks (Ok that's an excuse)  but please keep reading and I promise the quality will improve soon!

Anyway - I've just completed a two day training course ran by profesional presentation specialists You Never Can Tell

The course covered many aspects of presentational and communication techniques and I'd highly recommend it to anyone! I honestly feel this is a skill sadly lacking in many parts of society today and especially if I dare say.... without upsetting too many of my colleagues.... the IT community.

I've been meaning to enrol upon such a course for a very long time to brush up on my technique and explore some new ideas especially as although perhaps not popular to say... I have a real hatred of Power Point!!

<rant>This revelation  might shock some of you (especially with myself being a mem…